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The KRIHS Library was founded to develop and distribute extensive academic materials. It will continue to make efforts to support national territorial planning and research activities. It is noteworthy that the library gives users access to a vast array of regional statistics issued by 248 local authorities.


  • 100,000 Books, Research Reports, Government Reports, Theses and Dissertations and Statistics
  • 1,779 Periodicals (265 Domestic Journals and 99 International Journals currently under subscription)
  • 198,000 Indexes to Academic Journals
  • 1,954 Audiovisual Materials ( V/T CD-ROM titles, M/F, etc.)

Main Services Provided by KRIHS Digital Library

  • Search Tool : for users to search the titles and contents of 303,000 database
  • Digital Contents : 4,000 electronic journals, full-content academic database (full-texts of 21,000 academic journals
  • home and abroad), full-content database is provided by the National Assembly Library (1,000,000 full texts of periodicals, theses and dissertations, and materials related to audits and inspections)
  • Integrated database retrieval systems (RISS, NIS, etc.), which were established in collaboration with 300 domestic universities and research institutes
  • Full-text downloading of KRIHS research reports and periodicals (Planning and Policy, the Korea Spatial Planning Review, Construction Economy, and Space & Environment) sciences(NRCS) with the support of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance(MOSF) (
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