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Welcome to the Web Site of KRIHS:
Think Tank of National Territorial Planning and Development

Founded in 1978, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) has played a pivotal role in national territorial policy development with researches in balanced national development, housing stability, infrastructure development and geospatial information system. The policies KRIHS developed and suggested has contributed to enhancing the quality of life of the people.

Korea is facing rapid changes and challenges such as IT and high-tech development, climate change, low growth, low birth rate and aging society. Against all the odds, we will perform researches that can deal with the emerging issues and tackle the challenges. Practical and field-focused research that we conduct will indeed influence people’s day-to-day lives and make their lives better. We will also share Korea’s development experience with developing countries and expand global cooperation with international organizations, which will make KRIHS to become a top-notch global think tank rather than a domestic think tank. Strengthening communication with Korean public and expanding our inter-institutional network with global and domestic clients will broaden KRIHS’ innovative researches on a basis of fusion and convergence. We promise to give our best endeavor to the public well-being and revitalization of the economy.

I will appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thank you.