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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.
The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body and consists of Vice Minister-level cabinet members and a few selected scholars and experts in the field. It provides overall guidelines for the yearly operation of the Institute and approves the basic research directives as well as the operating budget
The Research Advisory Council, comprised mainly of academic experts, contributes to the identification and formulation of annual research programs.
As of March 2010, there are a total of 156 professional research staff working at KRIHS including 133 researchers with a doctorate or equivalent degree,along with 23 administrative personnel
조직도 Administrative support Team President Architecture&Urban Research Institute Audit Vice President National Territorial & Regional Research Division Territorial & Regional Policy Research Center National Territorial Plan Assessment Center Regional Research & Analysis Center Industrial Location Research Center Korean Peninsula & Northeast Asia Research Center Urban Research Division Urban Policy Research Center Urban Regeneration Research Center National Urban Disaster Prevention Research Center Smart & Green City Research Center Housing & land Research Division Housing Policy Research Center Real Estate Market Research Center Land Policy Research Center Construction Economics Research Center National Infrastructure Research Division Infrastructure Policy Research Center Road Policy Research Center Smart Infrastructure Research Center Geospatial Information Research Division National Spatial Data Infrastructure Research Center Geospatial Analytics Center Global Development Partnership Center Planning&Management Division Research Coordination Team Human Resources Team Research Support Center Budget management Team Public Relations Team Publication & Library Team Management Support Center General Administration Team Finance & Accounting Team Knowledge & Information Team Relocation&Construction Department
  • President
    • Architecture&Urban Research Institute
    • Audit
    • Vice President
      • National Territorial Planning and Research Division
        • Center for National Territorial Plan Assessment
        • Center for the Korean Peninsula & Northeast Asian Studies
      • Land Management and Urban ResearchDivision
        • Center for Urban Regeneration Policy
        • National Urban Disaster Management Research Center
      • Housing and Research Division
        • Center for Real Estate Market Analysis
        • Center for Construction Economy
      • Infrastructure Research Division
        • Center for Road Policy Research
      • Geospatial Information Research Division
      • Global Development Partnership Center
        • Research Coordination Team
        • General Administration Team
        • General Administration Team
      • Planning & Management Division
        • Human Resources Team
        • Budget management Team
        • External Relations Team
      • Relocation & Construction Department
      • Knowledge & information office
Name Position Email Phone Fax
Lim Youngtae Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0364 044-211-4769
Cho Panki Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0246 044-211-4765
Lee Hyungchan Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0378 044-211-4767
Oh Sungho Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0343 044-211-4769
Jo Jincheol Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0164 044-211-4767
Kim Donghan Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0408 044-211-4763
Kim Eunnan Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0668 044-211-4766
Kim Joong Eun Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0235 044-211-4765
Lee Beomhyun Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0319 044-211-4765
Kim Chungyu Research Fellow 이메일 044-960-0199 044-211-4763
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