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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Kim Ick Hoi /
Geospatially Enabled Society Research Division

Tel : 044-960-0210 / Fax : SAJo0CrACqTayNVoYSKG+w==
Research Areas
Smart City, GIS, Data Science


* 2012 A Joint Doctoral Program in Geography at San Diego State University and University of California Santa Barbara, PhD.
* 2005 Seoul National University, Geography Education, M.A.
* 2000 Seoul Natioanl University, Geography Education, B.A.


* 2017.10 ~ Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Associate Research Fellow
* 2012.08 ~ 2017.10 National University of Singapore, Senior Research Fellow
* 2000.01 ~ 2003.03 SundoSoft, Project Manager

Major Articles / books / Reports

* Kim, I.H., Feng, C.C., Wang, Y.C., Spitzberg, B., and Tsou, M.-H. 2017. Exploratory spatial temporal analysis in risk communication during the MERS outbreak in South Korea. The Professional Geographer, 69(4): 629-643.
* Kim, I.H., Feng, C.C., and Wang, Y.C. 2016. A simplified linear feature matching method using decision tree analysis, weighted linear directional mean, and topological relationships. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, 31(5):1042-1060.
* Wang, Y.C., Yuen, R., Feng, C.C., Sithithaworn, P., Kim, I.H. 2016. Assessing the role of landscape connectivity on Opisthorchis viverrini transmission dynamics, Parasitology International, 66(4): 402-412.
* Kim, I.H., Huang, R.J., Wang, Y.C., Feng, C.C., Taylor, D. 2016. Developing geoportals and applications for Singapore historical GIS. Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies, 4: 11-19.
* Kim, I.H., Tsou, M.-H., and Feng, C.C. 2015. Design and implementation strategy of a parallel agent-based Schelling model. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 49: 30–41.
* Terry, J.P., and Kim, I.H. 2015. Morphometric analysis of tropical storm and hurricane tracks in the North Atlantic basin using a sinuosity-based approach. International Journal of Climatology, 35(6): 923-934. * Tsou, M.H., Kim, I.H., Wandersee, S., Lusher, D., An, L., Spitzberg, B., Gupta, D., Gawron, J.M., Smith J., Yang, J.A., and Han, S.Y. 2014 Mapping ideas from cyberspace to realspace: visualizing the spatial context of keywords from web page search results. International Journal of Digital Earth, 7(4): 316-335.
* Terry, J.P., Kim, I.H., and Jolivet, S.M.P. 2013. Sinuosity of tropical cyclones tracks in the western South Indian Ocean: spatio-temporal patterns and relationships with fundamental storm characteristics. Applied Geography, 45: 29-40.
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* Tsou, M.H. and Kim, I.H. 2010. Increasing spatial awareness by integrating Internet Geographic Information Services (GIServices) with real time wireless mobile GIS applications. International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications (IJSITA), 1(4), 42-54.