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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Lim Yong Ho /
Korean Peninsula & East Asia Research Center

Tel : 044-960-0644 / Fax : bLHaxJ5lI9n7WNNYassgoA==
Research Areas
Spatial Information Analysis


• 2017 Seoul National University, Department of Geography (GIS), Ph.D course
• 2006 Seoul National University, Department of Geography (GIS), M.A.


• 2006 ~ 2008 Associate Research Fellow, Science and Technology Policy Institute
• 2009 ~ 2009 Associate Research Fellow, Land & Housing Institute

Major Articles / books / Reports

Major Reports
• A Study on the Monitoring Land Cover in North Korea and Its Application in Preparing for Unification, KRIHS, 2017
• A study on the introduction of open source spatial information policy to improve global spatial information competitiveness, KRIHS, 2017
• The study on the strategies for linking and utilizing realistic world and virtual world against the 4th Industrial revolution, KRIHS, 2017
• Study of condition analysis of spatial information-linked data in response to the era of data and its improvement methods, KRIHS, 2016
• A Study on the Process for Satellite Development based on User Requirements to Support National Land Policies, KRIHS, 2016
• A Study of the Estimation of Spatial Distribution of Population in North Korea Using Remote Sensing and Its Application, KRIHS, 2016
• ISP for building BigData Architecture and Construction, 2e consortium, 2013
• The Justification for Land Bank under Stable Real Estate Prices, LH, 2012
• Geographic information — Ubiquitous public access — Reference model, KASM, 2011

Articles and books
• A Study on User Requirements for Satellite Development and Applications for National Land Observation, Journal of the Korean Society for Geospatial Information Science, 2017
• The Justification for Land Bank under Stable Real Estate Prices, KRERI Vol 24(3), 2014
• A Study on the Implementation Method for Distributing Public Sector Real Estate Information based on OpenAPI using FOS GIS, The Korean Association of Professional Geographers vol 43(2), 2009
• A study on finding center of areal data -The Case Study on the Spatial Distribution of Population in Seoul, Journal of Geography, 2006