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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Kim Eunnan /
Urban Research Division

Tel : 044-960-0668 / Fax : 044-211-4766
Research Areas
Urban Policy, Urban Regeneration, Urban Economy, Sharing Economy, Creative Class


• 2006 PhD in Regional Science, Cornell University,
• 1997 Master in City & Regional Planning, Environment Planning School, Seoul National University
• 1994 Bachelor of Science, Housing and Interior Design, Yonsei University


• 2018~until now Member of the Urban Regeneration Committee, Incheon Metropolitan Government.
• 2015~until now Member of the Landscape Committee, Jeju Metropolitan Government.
• 2015~until now Member of the Regulatory Reform Committee, Seoul Metropolitan Government.
• 2015~2017 Member of the Urban Planning Committee, Gangwon Metropolitan Government.
• 2014~2016 Member of the Architecture Committee, Anyang city government.
• 2012.12.31 Award by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
• 2012~2012 Expert Advisor of the National Urban Planning Committee, Urban Policy Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
• 2011~2015 Member of the Urban Planning Committee, Anyang city government.
• 1997~1999 Assistant Research Fellow, Seoul Research Institute

Major Articles / books / Reports

• Eunnan Kim. 2020. Strategies for Urban Regeneration Linked to Innovation Cities. KRIHS Special Report, 55.
• Eunnan Kim at all, 2020. A Study on Strategies for Urban Regeneration Linked to Innovation Cities. KRIHS.
• Eunnan Kim. 2016. “Chanllenges in Achieving Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth in Korea Cities”. KRIHS Space & Environment, 67. pp. 18-27.
• Eunnan Kim at all, 2015. A Study on Enhancing Urban Space Utilization based on the Sharing Economy. KRIHS.
• Eunnan Kim at all, 2014. Urban Regeneration and Location Characteristics of Creative Industries and Classes. KRIHS.
• Sehoon Park & Eunan Kim. Cultural Cluster Strategy as a Tool for Urban Revitalization: Case of Daein Art Market in Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea. The Korea Spatial Planning Review. 77. 2013.6. pp. 241-260. (with Sehoon Park)
• Eunnan Kim at all. 2013. The Effective Implementation of the Smart Growth Initiative in Non-urbanized Areas. KRIHS. 2013.
• Location Patterns of the Creative Class. KRIHS. 2011
• Eunnan Kim & Soyang Jung. 2010.Measuring Socio-Eonomic Impacts of an International Conference: Feasibility Study of the World Urban Forum. KRIHS
• Eunnan Kim & Sunyoung Oh. 2010. Study for the Effective Revision of the Urban Facility Criteria in New Town Development: Education Facilities. KRIHS.