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TITLE Green Urban Infrastructure and SWM in Korea
DATE 2015-06-16 HIT 51735

KSPⅢ Capacity Building Program 

- Policy Consultation for Green Urban Infrastructure Development: Focusing on Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka -

》​ Introduction

General Course Information

1.Course title: Green Urban Infrastructure and SWM in Korea

2.Duration: March 30 - April 6, 2015

3.Venue: KRIHS and other related institutions 

4.Number of Participants and Countries: 10 people of national or local government officials from Sri Lanka

5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective

1.To share Korea’s knowledge and experience about solid waste management

2.To receive in-depth feedback and input on the research and a pilot project to maximize the effectiveness of KSPⅢ

3.To strengthen relationship between Sri Lanka and Korea by expanding global network



2.Field trips and business meetings 

3.KSP discussion meeting

4.Social and cultural experience of Korea


Opening Ceremony and Orientation

1.Welcoming remarks

2.Introduction of KRIHS, KSP, and the training program

3.Introduction of participants and their countries


1.Lecture 1: Smartening solid waste management

2.Lecture 2: Conflict management strategies in Seoul

3.Lecture 3: Solid waste management in Seoul

4.Lecture 4: Regions-proper “sustainable waste management system” for tropical developing countries 

Field Trips and Business meetings

1.Fiel trips: Anyang Resource Recovery Facility, Yeongdeungpo Waste Recycling Center, Sudokwon Landfill, Hanam Environment Infrastructure Plant, a municipal solid waste treatment plant in Asan, and Sky park 

2.Business meetings: Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation and Korea Environment Corporation