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TITLE GDPC Academy Lecture "SMART Academic Presentation"
DATE 2020-10-26 HIT 3576

GDPC Academy Lecture "SMART Academic Presentation"​

》​ Introduction

On Monday, October 26, GDPC, KRIHS hosted a GDPC Academy special lecture with Juliana
Lee, CEO of Juliana Lee & Partners. The GDPC Academy is an education session designed to
strengthen capabilities by inviting various field experts to give lectures.

The lecture was titled “SMART Academic Presentation.” Instructor Lee explained how to
prepare a successful presentation based on the acronym “SMART”: S structure, M message, A
articulation, R rehearsal, and T try. Lee explained that a good presentation has good structure
with a concise and clear title and message. Also, rehearsing the presentation with visual aids
and practicing clear pronunciation are essential for a successful presentation. Lastly, it would
be best if you tried giving a presentation in public. After the lecture, participants from KRIHS
had a Q&A session. This lecture was considered helpful in improving the KRIHS researchers’
English presentation skills.