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TITLE Integrated Operation and Control Center for City Management in Montego Bay, Jama
DATE 2015-06-03 HIT 17769

Integrated Operation and Control Center for City Management in Montego Bay, Jamaica 

1. Background

ㆍLAC countries are facing increasing difficulties such as traffic congestion, crimes, and disaster damage due to high rate of urbanization.

ㆍChosen by the IDB for the 2013 Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiatives (ESCI), Montego Bay in Jamaica needed to identify the city’s vulnerabilities as a tourist attraction.

ㆍMontego Bay called for urgent action to tackle urban challenges—especially by establishing Integrated Operation and Control Center (IOCC).

2. Purpose

ㆍTo help the city government of Montego Bay comprehend the city’s demand and assess technological capacity to establish IOCC which will make the city “smart”

3. Project Deion

The researches conducted in this project include: 

ㆍan examination of the existing management systems of the city such as traffic signal control system, CCTV system, traffic management system, GIS system, disaster management system, and etc. 

ㆍguidance for establishing IOCC by demonstrating the importance, sub-system, and functions of the Center

ㆍplanning to develop Montego Bay IOCC—transport management system, public transport system, and public safety and security system with subsystems of each which enables information sharing and collaboration among related agencies.

4. Impacts and Benefits

ㆍOn-site surveys provided fitting solutions for the Montego Bay IOCC. 

ㆍTraining courses on ICT and smart cities and workshops, which took place in Korea inviting Jamaican authorities, contributed to more effective implementation of the IOCC.