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TITLE 2014 National Territorial Development and Management in Korea
DATE 2015-06-04 HIT 492


​General Course Information
1.Course title: 2014 National Territorial Development and Management in Korea
2.Duration: June 3 (Tue.) ~ June 13 (Fri.), 2014
3.Venue: KRIHS and related institutions
4.Number of Participants and Countries: 8 persons from Myanmar (4 members of Ministry of Construction, 4 members of Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development)
5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective
1.To Share Korean Urbanization Development Experience and Knowledge with Public Officials from Myanmar in the field of Territorial Development and Management
2.To Acquire the Capacities to Apply the Best Practices of Territorial Development Planning to Myanmar
3.To Strengthen Global Network between Myanmar Government and Korea through Capacity Building Program

1.Lectures and Practices
2.Field Trip, Social & Cultural Experience of Korea

​ ​Contents
Opening Ceremony & Orientation
1.Welcoming Remarks
2.Introduction of KRIHS, GDPC, and Training Program
3.Introduction of Participants and their countries

Lecture 1: Strategies and Lessons on the National Territorial Development in Korea
Lecture 2: Urban Development Policy in Korea
Lecture 3: Infrastructure Development in Korea
Lecture 4: Water Resource Policies in Korea
Lecture 5: Regional Policy and Industrial Complex Development in Korea
Lecture 6: Affordable Housing in KoreaLecture 7: Housing Finance in Korea 
Lecture 7: The Policy and Case of Low Carbon Green City in Korea
Lecture 8: The Urban Disaster Prevention Strategy Preparing with Climate Change