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TITLE 2014 Understanding GI Policy and Planning
DATE 2015-06-04 HIT 591
》​ Introduction
General Course Information
1.Course title: 2014 Understanding GI Policy and Planning 
2.Duration: August 25 (Mon.) ~ November 5 (Fri.), 2014
3.Venue: KRIHS and COEX
4.Number of Participants and Countries: 15 Officials 7 Countries (Sri-Lanka, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan)
5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective
1.To Understand Geospatial Information Policy, Planning, and Methodology for Establishing Policies, and Implicate to Participants’ Countries
2.To Share Korean Geospatial Information Cases with Participants and Participate Smart Geospatial EXPO together
3.To Plan Geospatial Information Projects in order to Cooperate with Partner Countries based on Global Network

1.Lectures and Practices
2.Field Trip, Social & Cultural Experience of Korea

》​​ ​Contents
Opening Ceremony & Orientation
1.Welcoming Remarks
2.Introduction of KRIHS, and Training Program
3.Introduction of Participants and their countries

Lecture 1: Korea’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure
Lecture 2: GIS for underground facilities
Lecture 3: Geospatial Data Standards
Lecture 4: Korea’s Geospatial Data Distribution
Lecture 5: Human Resource Development in the field of Geospatial Data
Lecture 6: Korea Land Information System
Lecture 7: Korea Planning Support System