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Geospatial Information Research

The Geospatial Information Research Division conducts research on policies, plans, technologies, and methods to facilitate the efficient production, utilization, and analysis of geospatial information. The division is a leader in research and development of geospatial information and technology, which provides a foundation for the creation of values in an advanced society and produces geospatial information applicable to related policies.
The focus of research lies in the following areas: National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) plans and policies; analysis of the spatial data market; strategies for developing spatial data technologies; special decision support system; smart city; and the globalization of spatial data technologies.
The division regularly hosts international seminars on the topics listed above.

Geospatial Information Research Division
National Territorial Planning and Research Division
No. Title Classification Author Date File Hit
147 A Study on the Application Demand of Satellite-based Information to Support National Land Policies Kang Minjo , Lim Yongho 2015-12-31 첨부파일 11
146 Spatiotemporal Analysis of Unstructured Big Data for Public Opinion Monitoring Hwang Myeonghwa , 2014-12-31 첨부파일 140
145 A Study on Implementation of Government 3.0 through Assessment of Geospatial Information System in Public Sector Main Kang Heygyeong 2014-12-31 첨부파일 134
144 The Use of Spatial Big Data for Planning Policy Support Main Kim Donghan , Kim Jungi , Kang Heygyeong 2014-12-31 첨부파일 150
143 Development and Application of an Agent Based Urban Simulation Model Main Kim Donghan , Seo Taeseong , Gu HyeongsuM 2014-12-31 첨부파일 138
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