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Global Development Partnership Center

The Global Development Partnership Center provides education, consulting, and planning support to developing countries based on KRIHS’s 35 years of experiences and know-hows in national territorial development. To offer more effective support, the center works closely with international agencies such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. It is expanding the partnership in academic and policy exchanges to prestigious international research institutes and universities. Through its global network, the center continues to enhance its capacity for international collaboration.
Its education programs aim to share knowledge, information, and experience with public officials from developing countries. Consulting for developing countries is also provided to central or local governments in developing nations, and is focused on policies and plans for urban development, housing, and infrastructure. Furthermore, the center holds the Global Development Partnership Forum every month with domestic and foreign experts in overseas development and cooperation, serving as a bridge between the government and private enterprises.

Global Development Partnership Center
National Territorial Planning and Research Division
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