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National Territorial Planning and Research

The National Territorial Planning and Research Division conducts short- and long-term research projects related to territorial and regional development. The division’s areas of focus include national territorial and regional planning and policies, the future of the national territory, the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, policies regarding the Seoul Capital Region, regional economies, regional development and industrial location, and policies on water resources and river basin management. More specifically, the division focuses on:

  • The establishment of a comprehensive national territorial plan for the balanced and sustainable development of national territory
  • Research for developing policies to enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of national territory, including studies related to the selection of new industrial locations for national growth and the development of urban areas and underdeveloped regions
  • Policies for the development of the Korean Peninsula in preparation for its unification, and for the co-prosperity of Northeast Asian countries
  • Prospects and tasks for the future development of national territory
National Territorial Planning and Research Division
National Territorial Planning and Research Division
No. Title Classification Author Date File Hit
246 International Cooperation for Industrial Development in North Korea : Based on the Experience of the Former GDR and Poland Policy Sang-Jun Lee , Won-Bae Kim , Moon-Woun Lee 2004-03-31 첨부파일 952
245 Building the Regional Governance System of National Balanced Development Projects in Korea Consignment Mi-Sook Cha , Eun-Young Seong 2004-03-31 첨부파일 922
244 Deployment Plan of U.S. Troops Charter Area Consignment Hyeong-Min Yeom 2004-02-28 첨부파일 875
243 Promoting the Self-Sustainability(Job-Housing Balance) in the Public Housing Development Areas Consignment Eun-Gwan Park , Geun-Yong Kim , Pan-Ki Cho 2004-02-28 첨부파일 1125
242 A Study on the Application of the Strategic Environmental Assessment to the National Territorial Plan in Korea Consignment Yong-Woo Lee , Sang-Yeon Lim 2004-01-31 첨부파일 907
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