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Space & Environment is primarily intended to help foreign experts and professionals in relevant fields understand overall present situations of spatial planning and policy of Korea, and published quarterly by KRIHS.

Title S & E (Vol. 34)
Date 2009-01-20
File 파일첨부SE34.pdf
▪ Neo Silkroad to Link Transport Network of Korea to Continent / Chung Ilho, Seo Minho ▪ Evaluation of Spatial Plans in Response to Climate Change / Suh Taesung, Wang Kwangik ▪ Peaceful Use of Bukhan River Basin: Towards Active Inter-KoreanExchange and Collaboration / Kim Youngbong ▪ Policy for Improving Real Estate Market Transparency of Korea / Sohn Kyunghwan, Park Chungyu ▪ Establishment of Spaceborne Monitoring System for Effective Land Management / Shin Dongbin ▪ Creation of New Territorial Values and Strategies for Green Growth / Choi Yeongkook ▪ News & Announcements ▪ International Cooperation
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