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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Introduction and application of geo infographics to make better use of policy ma
Volume vol.558 DATE 2016-03-21 HIT 8191

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Introduction and application of geo infographics to make better use of policy map


󰊱 Recently, the authorities have come up with a policy map to support public communication and lay out evidence-based policies, but this does no more than simply release public data and policy indicators.

󰊲 To make better use of the policy map for public communication, it is required to develop a geo infographics-oriented method to produce diverse, comprehensive information on policies to help the people understand them.

󰊳 Geo infographics are infographics made of location-based information and are a method to easily deliver policy messages by integrating information communication technologies such as maps, charts, figures, storytelling and interaction.

󰊴 Geo infographics will enable people or policy officials with no expertise on maps to easily grasp core information that the policy map holds. 

Policy measures: business strategy

It is necessary to prepare administrative business system, manual and guidelines as to the policy map so working-level staff drawing up the policy map can actively adopt geo infographics.

❷ It is suggested to ramp up information infrastructure required to continuously produce geo infographics by standardizing location-based data held by institutions and improving their quality and building and sharing time series database based on the achievements of the policy map.

❸ It is required to build a cooperative network for sharing information between government, academia, industry and institutes and spreading methodology to prevent overlapping investment.

❹ It is necessary to continuously explore and promote exemplary cases of producing and applying geo infographics and to cultivate talents capable of data analysis, information communication and policy communication.

❺ It is required to stick to research and development for advancing geo infographics method in support of interactive policy communication in line with technological development, changes in the information media use behavior and the spread of participatory policymaking.

Myunghwa Hwang, associate research fellow of KRIHS, Eunsun Im, research fellow of KRIHS, Sungje Jeon, associate research fellow of KRIHS

Volume 558