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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Measures for international cooperation regarding the management of metropolitan areas
Volume vol.732 DATE 2019-11-27 HIT 400

파일첨부 732.pdf

Measures for international cooperation regarding the management of metropolitan areas

An Ye-hyun, Associate Research Fellow, Lee Yong-u, Senior researcher, Kim Jung-eun, Associate Research Fellow, Yu Hee-yeon, Associate Research Fellow, Lee So-young, Researcher, sKim Eun-hwa, Researcher


1> Researchers studied rapid urbanization of developing countries and the importance of management policies based on the status of metropolitan areas by region and national income and identified key management issues of metropolitan areas such as inequality and poverty, development and implementation of plans, capacity of government and resources, etc. through the review of literature released by international organizations and governments of developing countries

2> Key management issues of Hồ Chí Minh of Vietnam and Dhaka of Bangladesh were analyzed as case studies of metropolitan areas in developing countries 

- (Hồ Chí Minh) Inconsistencies found in major government projects caused the expansion of cities and reckless development. Demands for international cooperation with regard to the implementation of integrated plans were generated since the new planning law took effect 

- (Dhaka) The issue of effectiveness in metropolitan plans is raised due to complex governance structure, conflicts of interest between agencies, etc. and the city should enhance its endogenous capacity with regard to the development and implementation of project plans

3> Changes in management policies and key policy measures of Korea were reviewed according to each development stage of metropolitan areas and three elements that were required for the management of metropolitan areas in developing countries were identified, including: ① Clear leadership, ② development of mid-to and long-term plans, ③ effort to establish a governance structure

4>Recommend to ① establish a global association, ② install a new institution, ③ operate an integrated program to propose an international cooperation plan for the management of metropolitan areas in developing countries and lead such initiative (or plan)

Policy implications

① (Create a basis for sustainable development) Support the project based on the long-term perspective to harmonize the development and conservation and create a basis for integrated management for sustainable development of metropolitan areas in developing countries 

② (Implement related projects to enhance the effect of aids) Use the management projects for metropolitan areas to implement international cooperation projects by phase and increase the connectivity between individual project

③ (Strengthening the capacity of international cooperation) Establish a system for the prompt collection and sharing of the status of project zones and project data and information, and foster international cooperation talents 

④ (Analyze to systemize the experience of Korea with regard to the management of metropolitan areas) Develop international cooperation models that can be applied to the metropolitan areas in developing countries based on precise understanding and analysis on the experience of Korea