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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Measures to advance complex building management system to settle and mediate conflicts
Volume vol.729 DATE 2019-11-27 HIT 113

파일첨부 729.pdf

Measures to advance complex building management system to settle and mediate conflicts

Choi Su, Research Fellow


1> Although multi-family residentials are managed according to「Multi-Family Housing Management Act」, complex buildings such as multipurpose buildings, commercial buildings, studio plats have no official rules or regulations for management and they are managed in opaque way, and which lead to conflicts or disputes between residents or the parties concerned 

2> To conduct the study, complex buildings were classified by size and purposes. For instance, they were classified to have large, middle, small size and categorized as residential, commercial, business, industrial, and multi-purpose buildings. Also, items that required complementary measures for public regulations were identified by purpose and size, and a detailed analysis on the status of complex buildings, multi-family residentials, general buildings, etc. were made

3> Literature review on complex buildings and factual survey on their management were carried out as well to identify problems in detail 

   - For instance, complaints on maintenance fees, false entry of account book, and inefficient dispute settlement were pointed out as problems 

4> In addition, cases of advanced countries including the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan were explored while conducting an expert survey to explore measures for advancing laws and regulations regarding complex buildings 

Policy implications

① (Need to establish a consolidated act) There is a need to integrate related acts centering on 「Act on Ownership and Management of Condominium Buildings」 (hereinafter referred to as Act on Condominium Buildings) considering the review of overseas cases and the result of expert survey

② (Strengthen public regulations) To establish a basis for enactment of a consolidated act, there is a need to strengthen regulations on large and mid-sized complex buildings and apply the same regulations on the management of complex buildings to that of large condominium buildings 

③ (Enhance transparency in the management of condominium buildings) Improve transparency with regard to the monitoring of management fees and auditing for condominium buildings 

④ (Improve the effectiveness of dispute settlement committee) Improve the effectiveness of dispute settlement committee by expanding budgets and injecting more resources​