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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE New Directions for Public Rental Housing Policy
Volume vol.81 DATE 2005-04-01 HIT 2749

파일첨부 vol 81.pdf

This policy brief contains "New Directions for Public Rental Housing Policy" written in Korean.

For the public rental housing policy of Korea the following issues have been identified : 1) absolutely insufficient housing provision, 2) more comprehensive policy should be created for the public rental housing project, and 3) residential preference of individual households is not reflected in housing provision policy of the government.
It is required to formulate a new-type public rental housing program with more differentiated rental fee system according to residential types. It is also considered to establish housing provision system with more various types of rental housing by analyzing demand for public rental housing, regional conditions, and residential preference of individual households.


Volume: 81

Writer :
Dr. Kyung-Hwan Sohn, Director of the Land & Housing Research Division.
(E-Mail : khson@krihs.re.kr Tel : 82-31-380-0260)

Mr. Chun-Gyu Park, Associate Researcher of the Land & Housing Research Division.
(E-Mail : cgpark@krihs.re.kr Tel : 82-31-380-0274)