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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Strategies for Implementing GIS-based Local Government toward Government Service
Volume vol.83 DATE 2005-04-15 HIT 3174

파일첨부 vol 83.pdf

This policy brief contains "Strategies for Implementing GIS-based Local Government toward Government Service" written in Korean. Since the early 2000s, Korea has promoted establishing e-government, but with few results. It is believed that GIS would play a crucial role in developing local e-government since most local government data consists of spatial components.

For effectively developing GIS-based local e-government, successive and concrete strategies are required: integrated spatial data infrastructure, GIS and spatial data service network, advanced system for producing, managing, utilizing and distributing national geographic information.


Volume No. 83

Writer :

Dr. Byong-Nam Choe, Director of GIS Research Center
(E-mail : bnchoe@krihs.re.kr, Tel : 82-31-380-0404)

Dr. Dong-Han Kim, Associate Researcher of GIS Research Center
(E-mail : donghankim@krihs.re.kr, Tel : 82-31-380-0408)