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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Landscape analysis platform application proposals for enhancing territorial land
Volume vol.572 DATE 2016-07-11 HIT 7490

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Landscape analysis platform application proposals for enhancing territorial landscape


□ Territorial landscape has been poorly managed due to the development-oriented review of landscape.
  - Examples include high-rise apartments on the top of hill areas that have impaired a skyline, UNESCO world cultural heritage sites dwarfed by skyscrapers, natural destructions that do not consider landscape, and the development of golf courses that privatize neighboring landscape.
□ To raise territorial landscape to a level commensurate with economic growth, the government has laid out a foundation to systematically push for landscape policies, drafting the landscape act and the first landscape policy master plan.
  - The first landscape policy master plan set out three strategies for spreading the recognition of landscape value, strengthening the capacity for landscape management and establishing a base for landscape administration, as well as eight policy tasks.
  - It suggested management guidelines on landscape review, which call for active use of the KOPSS landscape plan support model in case the model was introduced to manage landscape in an ive, scientific manner.
□ Developing a landscape analysis platform that can review landscape online without extra costs
  - The spatial information open platform VWorld utilized the landscape analysis function of the KOPSS landscape plan support model.
□ The example of using the KOPSS landscape plan support model verifies the effectiveness of dealing with diverse civil complaints quickly and easily, as well as conducting landscape review.


Policy recommendations
❶ It is suggested to conduct landscape review by employing ive, scientific tools and reinforce the system to ensure transparent disclosure of review results.
❷ It is recommended to apply the KOPSS landscape plan support model platform (landscape analysis platform) on a trial basis and expand the use of the platform.
❸ It is necessary to develop quantitative indicators for the purpose of ive, scientific review, as well as to conduct R&D to develop virtual reality technology for more realistic landscape review.
❹ It is required to step up public relations and education efforts to revitalize the three-dimensional geospatial information industry related to landscape review.


Daejong Kim, head of the geospatial analytics center at KRIHS


Volume 572