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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Measures to utilize social, economic body to boost urban vitality
Volume vol.556 DATE 2016-03-07 HIT 8165

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Measures to utilize social, economic body to boost urban vitality


1. Strengthened regional basis is instrumental in building self-generating capacity or economic sustainability of a social, economic body, not to mention enhancing the vitality of a regional community.
2. The social, economic body buoyed by strong regional basis can play a significant role in providing services tailored for the region, promoting regional businesses, establishing network of regional community, monitoring social economy and spreading village businesses.
3. It is required to come up with policies to take advantage of strength of a social, economic body based on understanding of which functions a social, economic body can serve in a regional community, in an effort to raise urban vitality.


Policy measures

1. A region-based social, economic body should take the lead in conducting private or public projects.
2. Social, economic body projects and community projects implemented by government agencies should be incorporated into a policy framework to revitalize regions, with a goal of stepping up interconnected activities with entities engaged in regional projects and expanding joint projects.
3. It is necessary to prepare a region-based monitoring system of a social, economic body for integrated management of public project proposals, project execution and indicator-based evaluation and monitoring.
4. It is required to explore and build a model for regional invigoration led by a social, economic body. To this end, it is necessary to lay out measures to provide support for network of similar industries and organizational expansion.


Volume 556
Sangyeon Lim, senior researcher at KRIHS, Sehoon Park, research fellow at KRIHS, Wooseong Jeong, senior researcher at KRIHS,
Jiyoung Lim, researcher at KRIHS, Minjeong Lee, researcher at KRIHS, Yoonju Lee, researcher at KRIHS