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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Proposals for integrated operation of planning and procedures in urban regenerat
Volume vol.559 DATE 2016-03-28 HIT 8310

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Proposals for integrated operation of planning and procedures in urban regeneration projects


󰊱 To fulfill integrated urban regeneration focusing on places, it is required to systematically connect and coordinate a wide range of projects, organizations and financing programs involved in urban regeneration based on planning to generate synergy effects.

󰊲 An analysis of the urban regeneration promotion plan in 13 regions leading urban regeneration and business plans in other regions shows that the level of connection and coordination is low for integrated regeneration.
  ■ Infrastructure betterment projects are not closely linked to overhaul projects designed to improve dwelling conditions.
  ■ A high degree of coordination is not underway between the provincial urban regeneration committee and urban planning committee, as the status of a dedicated unit is too weak to supervise and coordinate diverse projects.

󰊲 It is necessary to set the basic direction for planning by taking into account regional conditions and come up with measures for institutional improvement.
  ■ Large cities with high business demand and a certain level of infrastructure should be encouraged to spur development through deregulation of development projects.
  ■ Provincial cities with stagnant demand and deteriorated infrastructure should be subject to integrated development through the “choice and concentration” approach and receive more public funds.

Policy measures

❶ The act on maintenance and improvement of urban areas and the act on urban overhaul should be unified to raise specialty and efficiency, while the urban regeneration act should be focused on linking support with projects.

❷ A flexible integration approach needs to be taken by closing down the provincial urban regeneration committee, (as the urban planning committee makes decisions on the overhaul of old city centers and there are limitations in drawing talents) or integrating the urban regeneration committee and urban planning committee.

❸ Priority should be placed on the integration or integrated operation of urban regeneration-related budgets in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to ensure stable procurement and integrated operation of funds for urban revitalization.

Wanggun Lee, senior research fellow at KRIHS, Soyoung Park, associate research fellow at KRIHS
Volume 559