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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE 5 Policy Measures to Establish Safety Cities
Volume vol.630 DATE 2017-09-13 HIT 4896

파일첨부 brief 630.pdf

5 Policy Measures to Establish Safety Cities
Myoengsoo Kim Director

□ (Safety as a core value of urban management) With the rapid economic growth and urbanization, Korea achieved quantitative development but it still remains many problems when it comes to safety. 
 ■ As the lack of safety awareness and investment and aging infrastructure cause safety accidents, it needs to focus on safety as the first priority in urban management.
 ■ There are 5 key issues to be improved: sharing urban safety information, integrating and linking urban safety policies, correlating urban safety plans, strengthening cooperation between urban safety entities and promoting participation of community.


□ (Problems) Information gathering of responsible organizations is not consistent and preventive function is not well working under confusing planning system. Also central agencies are not cooperative and safe awareness and public participation is lacking.
 ■ It is important to establish cooperative system between public and private sectors by sharing information and strengthening capacity of community.

|Policy Implications|

 ①  (Securing mental security by sharing urban safety information) It needs to share urban safety information and create scientific and ive safety risk map.
 ②  (Improving effectiveness by Integrating and linking urban safety policies) It is urgent to build situational governance responding to disasters and utilize situational scenarios for policy development and linkage.  
 ③ (Consistency by matching urban safe plans) It needs to match safety plan schedules, improve urban safe management plans and establish urban safe plans applying risk factors of cities.
 ④ (Cooperation among urban safe entities) Central government needs to focus on administrative and financial support while local government should practically respond to disasters, which helps to quick reaction to urgent situations.
 ⑤ (Safe community by strengthening capacity of community) To establish citizen-centric communication system, it is essential to build cooperative system between community entities and open urban safe information to public in order to promote public participation.