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TITLE Policy Measures to Stimulate Housing Renovation Support for the Disabled Elderly
Volume vol.620 DATE 2017-07-06 HIT 27994

파일첨부 brief 620.pdf

Policy Measures to Stimulate Housing Renovation Support for the Disabled Elderly


Mina Kang Managing Director
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements

1. As the aging of disabled people accelerates, it is necessary to reexamine housing problems of the elderly with disabilities.


2. Unlike the general disabled and elderly people, the elderly people with disabilities are more likely to suffer from multiple disabilities, delayed mental disorders, etc., resulting in higher demands in residential services, and housing welfare requirements are higher than housing vulnerable groups as the extent of housing poverty and low income/assets are severe.


3. The disabled elderly is burdened by high housing cost as the ratio of rental expenses to total income is higher than average households when former’s income are smaller than the latter.


4. Elderly’s desire to aging in a place where they are familiar with is high and in order to meet this needs it is critical to arrange housing provision, housing renovation support and related services.


5. The places where elderly with disabilities feel discomforts are; bathroom (27.6%), outside of the house (23.3%), front door (18.5%) and kitchen (10.4%). Facilities in need of installation are as followed; ramp at the entrance and exit of the main stairway, bathroom safety handle, removal of inconvenience at the entrance, sedentary kitchen sink, and cover floor with slip free finishing materials and adjustment on general height unevenness of floor.


6. In contrast, the actual renovation often carried out are mainly the papering walls and ceilings, and the constructional difficulties that cannot reflect physical constraints of disabled which hindered the improvement of housing quality shall be tackled by housing renovation projects.


7. Korea’s housing renovation projects are limited to projects which build facilities of convenience and provision of renovation subsidy, Japan offer diverse supports including renovation subsidy, tax exemption, low-interest loan for homeowner, tenant or lease business operator once the nursing care is needed or housing renovation for Barrier Free Home is made as a precautionary measure.


Policy Issues
1. Standardization or expansion of housing renovation projects’ remodeling stages or renovation materials. Provision of model house to make renovation consultation and construction restriction easily. Manage the pool of highly qualified construction company to maintain and monitor the quality of housing renovation.
2. Expansion of affordable public rental housing for the disabled elderly.
3. Expand the supply of affordable housing that meets the housing construction standards and which is accommodated with facility of convenience for the disabled elderly.