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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Strategic Supply Management of Small-Scale Industrial Complex to Prevent Haphazard Land Use
Volume vol.612 DATE 2017-05-11 HIT 9032

파일첨부 brief 612.pdf

Strategic Supply Management of Small-Scale Industrial Complex to Prevent Haphazard Land Use

Chang Eungyo Associate Research Fellow
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements


1. Supply of small scale industrial complex is increasing characterized by private demand-guaranteed industrial complex expansion policy, simplification of industrial complex development processes for Just-in-time(JIT) provision, easy access to land acquisition and risk management of uncertainty in guaranteed demand.
2. Dispersive and scattered development of small-scale industrial complex not only hinders construction of industrial cluster but also brings haphazard land use including infrastructure deficit which plays against effective urban planning and management.
3. Definition of the concept and scope of small-scale industrial complex and updates on supply records and current development status should be made for policy suggestions to solve the problem of haphazard land use.  
4. Suggestions for improvement on supply management of small-scale industrial complex shall be made to mitigate disadvantages of small-scale industrial complex while procuring advantages of such as of prompt and Just-in-time(JLT) response for industrial demands and catalytic nature of inducing planned location (industrial complex) from individual location(factory).
5. For newly provided small-scale industrial complex, applicable settlement criteria and planned development criteria should be made, and continuous monitoring and demand verification should be practiced for supply and demand management of small-scale industrial complex.  


Policy Issues
1. To propose applicable scopes of industrial complex with less than 150,000㎡and less than 100,000㎡ to manage small-scale industrial complex
2. To provide settlement criteria for designated province or city to manage with careful consideration to context and all factors including surrounding environment, the purpose of land, alteration ratio to land category and environmental impacts
3. To upgrade integrated guidelines for securing adequate infrastructure including environmental basic facilities, roads, green belts as a resort to solve infrastructure deficit and haphazard land use in small-scale industrial complex
4. To provide continuous monitoring for supply and demand management and applicable demand verification indicators for small-scale industrial complex