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Policy Briefs contain useful information on territorial planning policies and national strategies of Korea and other countries.

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TITLE Reorganize the Housing Programs and Establish the Delivery System
Volume vol.80 DATE 2005-03-16 HIT 2891

파일첨부 vol 80.pdf

This policy brief contains "Reorganize the Housing Programs and Establish the Delivery System" written in Korean.

Social integration is needed to alleviate the housing welfare discrepancy between the income classes.
­- In order to enhance the housing welfare for the low income households and equal distribution of housing provision, more systematic policies and enforcement are required.
-­ With the evaluation on the current housing welfare support programs, it is necessary to make more concrete plans for the government supports and to establish the effective housing service delivery system.
○ Basic directions for reorganizing the housing programs and establishing the delivery system

- Coordination between the policy making ministries of the central government
- Role sharing between the central government and local governments
- Reorganization of the scattered housing related posts in local governments in order to integrate the housing related duties
- Inducement of active participation of the private sector for establishing housing service delivery network.


Volume: 80

Writer :
Dr. Hye-Sung Kim, Research Fellow of the Land & Housing Research Division.
(E-Mail : hsungkim@krihs.re.kr Tel : 82-31-380-0313)