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TITLE Korea-Myanmar Land Development and Policy Workshop
DATE 2014-12-31 HIT 4417

'Korea-Myanmar Land Development and Policy' Workshop

Date|November 11, 2014
Vanue|KRIHS, Seoul

KRIHS Global Development Cooperation Center held a 'Korea-Myanmar Land Development and Policy' Workshop at the 4th floor Ecole of KRIHS, on November 11.

The workshop is targeting Myanmar senior policy-makers invited for Korea and Myanmar's current main business 'Myanmar Highway System Master Plan Project' and they had the purpose of sharing relevant experience of the country.

First, Myanmar Ministry delegation presented current and development issues of Myanmar. Compare the associated status, Director Moon Jeong-ho of Global Development Cooperation Center presented the national development cooperation of the two countries focusing on the cases of national development policy in Korea.

Myanmar delegation (Ministry of Planning and Economy, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance) visited this time presented Myanmar Country Reports, requesting advice on Myanmar Land and regional development problems and solutions that are currently emerging in Myanmar.

Regarding this, Director Moon Jeong-ho delivered, first, Korea's land planning, policy challenges and expectations, second, Korea's regional development policy (status, issues and implications).

In addition, the status of land and regional development policy of Korea and Myanmar was shared by in-depth discussion about the current issue of Myanmar.

Myanmar delegation gave a positive opinion that this workshop will lead a more events where they can share and discuss any specific situation and issues of Myanmar in detail.