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TITLE KRIHS-WB Urban Development and Municipal Capacity Building Program for Bhutan
DATE 2014-12-31 HIT 4702

The opening ceremony of single country invitation education course
「KRIHS-WB Urban Development and Municipal Capacity Building Program for Bhutan」

Date|November 28, 2014
Vanue|KRIHS, Seoul

KRIHS Global Development Cooperation Center held a KRIHS-World Bank urban development and officers capacity-building program to share the accumulated experience and knowledge of Korea related Korea's regional development, climate change, disaster prevention, solid waste disposal, water resources treatment etc. with 13 invited trainees including central and local government officials of Bhutan and World Bank senior urban specialist in South Asia Division (SAR) Shenhua Wang Friday, November 28 at Medium 10th floor Conference Hall.

This invitation course jointly organized by KRIHS-World Bank was in progress from Monday, November 26 to Tuesday, Semtember 2. Visited Bhutan officials attended seminars related to the regional development, disaster prevention, urban forestry, wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal and related field trip programs regarding Gangnam resource recovery facilities and the Jungrang sewage treatment center etc.

The opening ceremony began with welcoming speech by Kim Kyung-hwan, President of KRIHS Friday, November 28th.

The opening remarks by Shenhua Wang of the World Bank followed, researcher Jo Jin-cheol of KRIHS Global Development Cooperation Center introduced KRIHS and Global Development Cooperation Center to trainees.

This invitation course conduct cultural experience with Korea's Buddhist culture preservation shown in Sinheungsa Sorak, Sokcho Naksan Temple, Changdeokgung etc. and the World Heritage conservation and management considering the Bhutanese Buddhist culture and World Heritage.