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TITLE International Seminar for Developing Research Agendas on Urban Disaster Preventi
DATE 2015-03-06 HIT 4430

International Seminar for Developing Research Agendas on Urban Disaster Prevention 

About: Defining “urban resilience” and discussing following research agendas
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2015
At: Woodrow Wilson Center, 4th Floor Conference Room

On February 25, 2015, KRIHS held an international seminar for developing research agendas on urban disaster prevention at Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.. The seminar was a part of the first-year research workshop on urban resilience in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson Center, the Virginia Tech, and the University of Maryland. Participants at the seminar presented their research topics and discussed direction, range, and methodologies of their research. Han Woosuk, associate research fellow of KRIHS, introduced disaster prevention policies of Korea and presented recent studies on urban resilience, highlighting the importance of setting a concept of urban resilience and quantifying it. From KRIHS, Kim Chongwon, director of the National Urban Disaster Prevention Center, and Hong Saheum, associated research fellow, also attended the seminar. Yang Zhang and Patrick Roberts from the Virginia Tech introduced preliminary studies and suggested to consider social vulnerability as well as physical vulnerability in defining urban resilience. Metropolitan Institute at the Virginia Tech organizes the “Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience” on a regular basis. Kaye Brubaker from The University of Maryland introduced recent studies on flood disasters by The University of Maryland Center for Disaster Resilience and how to assess disaster risks and resilience. The second workshop is projected to be held in April, 2015.