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TITLE KSPIII: Policy Consultation on Industrial Complex in Myanmar
DATE 2015-05-11 HIT 4181

KSPIII: Policy Consultation on Industrial Complex in Myanmar

About: Sharing Korea’s knowledge of industrial complex as part of economic cooperation between Korean and Myanmar
Date: April 6 – 9, 2015 

The National Territorial Planning and Research Division of KRIHS organized “KSPIII: Policy Consultation on Industrial Complex in Myanmar” and shared Korea’s experience in building industrial complex with government officials from Myanmar between April 6 and 9 at KRIHS.
  Five officials including Director Aye Aye Myint of the Urban Planning Department and Director Htay Htay Than from the Ministry of Industry participated in this program. On April 6, a mid-program review was taken place, and about twenty experts and interested parties attended from the Export-Import Bank of Korea, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Han-A Urban Research Institute, and Kyong Dong Engineering Co., LTD.
  The program consisted of four lectures on Korea’s industrial complex, a mid-program review, site-visits to Guro Digital Complex and Banwol-Sihwa Complex, and a meeting to plan follow-up KSP projects for Myanmar. The lectures included “The history of industrial complex in Korea and related laws and regulations,” “Current industrial complex in Korea and future challenges,” “Growth and land development strategies in Korea,” and “Recent academic trends of regional development.”
  During the program, both parties enjoyed the opportunity to share the policies, strategies, and tips of Korea’s industrial complex development and discuss follow-up projects. Director Aye Aye Myint commented on the program that it was very helpful program for them to develop industiral complex policies in Myanmar.