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TITLE 2015 KRIHS-MUAP of UOS Meeting on Korea’s National Territorial and Infrastructur
DATE 2015-06-01 HIT 4580

2015 KRIHS-MUAP of UOS Meeting on Korea’s National Territorial and Infrastructure Development

About: Sharing knowledge and seeking collaboration with the International School of Urban Sciences of the University of Seoul
Date: May 15, 2015

The Global Development Partnership Center organized a knowledge sharing meeting with the University of Seoul at KRIHS conference room, on May 15. The workshop was for discussing the territorial planning, development of infrastructure and knowledge sharing of the related issues with the KRISH and foreign public officials taking Master of Urban Administration and Planning (MUAP) at the University of Seoul (UOS). 
  The meeting started up with introducing KRIHS and the GDPC by Dr. Cho Chunman, and the “Territorial planning and national policies of Korea,” presented by the GDPC director Moon Jeongho, was followed. The workshop continued to discuss the related topics with the experts form KRISH and had a Q&A session. Questions asked and answered during the session included: the presence of similar institutes in other countries, the history of new towns in Korea and its lesson, institutional frameworks of the existing national and urban planning system, and conflict management by the government in cases of conservation of green belt areas and cultivated land. Attendees in the following discussion included GDPC Director Moon Jeongho, Lee Sangkeon, the director of Infrastructure Research Division, Dr. Cho Chunman, Dr. Min Seounghee, and senior advisor Choi Songsu.