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TITLE GDPC Provides the 1st Special Ecole Lecture
DATE 2015-10-29 HIT 4142

GDPC Provides the 1st Special Ecole Lecture

About: Global development experience and lesson in public investment and management 

Date: September 23, 2015 


Inviting Park Hyeon, Vice Dean of the International School of Urban Sciences (ISUS) of the University of Seoul, as a special lecturer, the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) at KHRIS provided a special lecture in the title of “Global Development Collaboration and Lessons: Public Investment Management” on September 23, 2015.  

To share professionals’ knowledge and experience in international collaboration projects, GDPC planned this special lecture and invited Professor Park Hyeon as the first special lecturer. 

Starting the lecture with an explanation about the trend and political issues of public investment management (PIM), Professor Park Hyeon presented the PIM development process and PIM’s availability in development cooperation. He wrapped up the lecture by explaining his dispatch experience in the Asian Development Bank and the present status of ISUS. The question-and-answer session and discussions were followed. Major discussion issues were the differences of infrastructure project appraisals of international organizations based on cultures and regional characteristics, how to utilize dispatch to international organizations in the long run, and the planning and operation of short- and long-term training.  

Attendees included KRIHS President Kim Dongju, Senior Research Fellow Choi Song Su, Managing Director Chung Ilho, Managing Director Lee Jaeyong, and GDPC researchers. There were also discussions about how KRIHS and ISUS can cooperate. 

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