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TITLE 2016 International Conference of Geospatial Information Science (ICGIS)
DATE 2016-10-24 HIT 4325

2016 International Conference of Geospatial Information Science (ICGIS)

- Geo-IoT & Geospatial Analytics of Big Data -


Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) on Sept. 2 hosted the 2016 International Conference on Geospatial Information Science (ICGIS) at the K-Hotel in Seoul as part of the Smart Geospatial Expo organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Under the theme “Geo-IoT & Geospatial Analytics of Big Data,” the event sought to shed light on the value of geospatial information amid the rapidly changing paradigm of geospatial information technology and plan on finding the sector’s latest tech trends and policy directions.


In particular, this year’s conference featured a keynote speech by noted British scholar Paul Longley of University College London, a leading figure in geospatial information, and presentations by Steve Liang, professor at the University of Calgary (Canada); Daniel Kastl, CEO of Georepublic UG (Germany); Sakong Hosang, senior research fellow at KRIHS; Toshikazu Seto, professor at the University of Tokyo (Japan); Lee Gwang-seop, senior research fellow at Korea Railroad Research Institute, and Fernando Carrasco, Asia-Pacific partners manager at Carto.


In the following discussion forum under the theme of the IoT and big data era and the future of geospatial information, participants discussed a variety of issues including linking existing IT and geospatial information, the realization of data and technology, and the importance of geospatial information. Also in attendance was about 230 domestic and foreign experts, industry representatives and students.