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TITLE The 23rdKorea-JapanConstructionEconomyWorkshop
DATE 2014-12-16 HIT 4609

The 23rdKorea-JapanConstructionEconomyWorkshop

Date|December 4, 2014
Vanue|Lily Hall at Sejong Hotel in Myeongdong, Seoul

Center for Construction Economy at Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) and Construction Economy Research Institute of Korea (CERIK) held a joint workshop, ‘Korea-Japan policy on construction economy’ on December 4, 2014 at Sejong Hotel in Myeongdong. Participants from Research Institute of construction and Economy (RICE) from Japan were invited into the venue.
In this venue, six topics were mainly discussed; construction economy and vision of both Korea and Japan; government policy on strengthen construction safety management; alternative measures on a decrease of construction workers; unfair case analysis of the public construction industry in Korea; differences of spatial changes between Seoul and Tokyo, etc.
All Participants had in-depth discussion on a core field of construction industry in the future as Korea and Japan have similar system and environment of construction. In addition, this venue was meaningful for both to share their ideas on research in detail they conduct.
Among attendees were Mathumoto, research director, Fukwasawa, research dorector, Nakamori, research fellow, Skahara, research fellow, and An sang-kyeong, professor of Toyo University from Japan, and Kim dong-ju, vice-presidnet of KRIHS, Chun Hyeon-sook, Director of the Housing and Land Research Division of KRIHS, Yoon Ha-jung,
Lee Seung-bok, Research fellow, Bae Yu-jin, Assistant Research Fellow, Kim Heung-Soo, president of CERIK and Lee Yeong-hwan, research fellow of CERIK.