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TITLE KRIHS - Tsukuba University Joint Workshop on Urban and Regional Planning
DATE 2003-06-26 HIT 4837
at Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements,
Anyang, Korea
June 30, 2003


13:00-13:30 General Registration
13:30-13:40 Welcome Address, Kyu-Bang Lee(President of KRIHS)

13:40-14:20 Session I : Land Use Management
- Agriculture in the city: An alternative perspective on the order/disorder of land use in Asian Mega-Cities
Makoto Yokohari (Associate Professor, Tsukuba University)
- Planned development system in urban fringe area
Jae-Gil Park (Research Fellow, KRIHS)

14:20-15:00 Session II : Housing Land Development
- Emerging problems of housing land developments in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Tomohiko Yosida (Assistant Professor, Tsukuba University)
- Institutional changes in urban land development policy in Korea and it's current issues
Ki-Seok Kye (Research Fellow, KRIHS)

15:00-15:40 Session III : Metropolitan Policy
- Commuting and spatial structure in Japanese metropolises
Tsutomu Suzuki (Associate Professor, Tsukuba University)
- Regulatory Policy Measures in the Capital Region of Korea: Problems and Proposals
Dong-Woo Lee (Research Fellow, KRIHS)

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-18:00 Session Ⅳ Discussion
- Moderator
Hyun-Sik Kim (Head of Urban and Regional Planning Research Division, KRIHS)
- Panelists
Eui-June Kim (Yonsei University)
Sung-Jae Choo (Kyunghee University)
Myung-Hoon Lee (Hanyang University)
Cheol-Hong Kim (Suwon University)
Je-Kook Kim (Kyonggi Research Institute)
Jeong-Hoon Lee (Seoul Development Institute)
Beum-Sik Min (KRIHS)

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