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TITLE GDPC Organizes Country Reports of Colombia and Egypt
DATE 2015-09-02 HIT 4613

GDPC Organizes Country Reports of Colombia and Egypt 

About: Backgrounds and challengs of development in Colombia and Egypt 

Date: August 18, 2015


GDPC organized country reports of Colombia and Egypt on August 18, at KRIHS. 

Urban planners Ms. Bárbara Carvajal Pinto from the city of Bogota, Colombia, and Mr. Abdelwahab Ibrahim from Egypt introduced country information and backgrounds and challenges of development in each country respectively. Ms. Carvajal and Mr. Ibrahim is currently studying in the International School of Urban Sciences at the University of Seoul.  

  Ms. Carvajal Pinto introduced housing policy for low income households in Colombia. Residence for low income family in Colombia is guaranteed and the types of residence and grants are regulated by the Colombian government. The central government is responsible for broad works for land and housing policy from securing land to housing provision, while local governments focus on resolving housing challenges like in the case of Bogota’s master plan establishment.

  Mr. Ibrahim introduced land and urban planning in Egypt. General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP) plays the pivotal role in urban planning, especially to deal with urban challenges due to population density in Cairo. 

  After the presentations, discussions followed on the effectiveness of Colombia’s housing policy and organization of collaborative structure between implementation bodies for Vision 2030, the development plan of Egypt.