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TITLE The 41st Global Development Partnership Forum
DATE 2015-05-13 HIT 4607

The 41st Global Development Partnership Forum

About: Monthly forum to facilitate global partnership 
Date: May 6, 2015 
At: Korea Press Center, Seoul

 The Global Development Partnership Center of Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) held the 41st Global Development Partnership Forum on Wednesday, April 1, at KOREA Press Center, Seoul. A total of 27 members participated in the forum including Nam Gyeongcheol, Chief of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance; Han Manhui, President of the International School of Urban Sciences at University of Seoul and Che Miok, President of the Real Estate Research Institute at Korea Appraisal Board. Senior Economist Wang Hyeonggeun from the World Bank presented about “Business Opportunities With the World Bank.” Starting with a brief introduction of the World Bank, Dr. Wang presented the procurement procedures of the World Bank.
  In the Q&A session, Mr. Go Changnam of the Korea Railway Association asked what is the share of railways in the World Bank’s projects and how to write a track record to the presenter. Dr. Wang said that the World Bank has rarely been involved in the railway sector since the World Bank usually organize small- and medium-sized projects while railways are mainly included in large projects. Answering to the second question, Dr. Wang recommended to hire local experts and fill the record with experiences working with more reliable organizations such as the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank. 
  The 42nd Global Development Partnership Forum will be held on July 1, at the Press Center.