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TITLE KRIHS-IDB call for proposal
DATE 2015-05-13 HIT 4237

파일첨부 Attachment 1. Call for Research Proposals_Final_Eng.docx

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Visiting Scholarship Program

The Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is putting out a call for research proposals by individual researchers and scholars in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries. This program aims at sharing knowledge and experiences on the area of housing and urban development between South Korea and LAC countries.

The selected scholars are expected to conduct an IDB-KRIHS joint research project that will be developed within 2 or 3 months (July-September, 2015). As part of the program they will be invited to KRIHS Headquarters located in Anyang City (Seoul Metropolitan area) to do field work and exchange experiences in Korea for 2 to 4 weeks. The honorarium for this field work including airfare, lodging, and a per diem allowance will be covered by the host organization. There is no additional financial support from the IDB or KRIHS for the selected researchers to complete the final version of the papers.


i) Accredited scholars or professors from institutions of higher learning and advanced academic research or universities in the LAC region

ii)Accomplished government officials in the LAC region with a position of deputy director or higher

* Researchers from other regions may submit proposals as well if they have considerable experience and exceptional knowledge of the LAC region.

2.Subject Areas for Proposals

i) New Town and Sustainable Land Development: Land development methods (e.g. land readjustment and publically managed land development) and new town development for the purpose of industrial development, housing supply, and government administrative centers.

ii) Urban Expansion and Urban Regeneration: How to manage the uncontrolled and sprawling growth in fast growing cities and regenerate city centers.

iii) Green Urban Planning: Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in urban areas.

iv) Affordable Housing: Strategies for diversifying and enlarging affordable housing market by expanding rental and leasing options and improving the quality of residential environment.

3.Contents of Research Proposals

i) The research proposal must include the following items and not exceed more than 3 pages. 

 Executive summary, Research question, Proposal ives (general and specific), Justification, Theoretical framework, Hypothesis, Methodology, Data and information sources, Time framework, Existing research that will be incorporated into this research project

ii) All proposals should be submitted in English.

iii) All applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae (1-2 pages)

4. Schedule(tentative)

 May 29

 Due date for receiving proposals

 June 15

 Announcement of proposals selected

 June 16

 Start of the research process:

 June 16-26

 Preparation for the trip to Korea 

 2~4 weeks in July / August

 Implementation of the visiting scholarship program in Korea to initiate the joint research

 August 31

 Due date for receiving a first draft of research papers

 September 14

 Deadline for a final version of research papers and presentation materials

5. Financial Asset 

i) Air fare: Economy class, Round-trip

ii) Lodging: hotel or furnished residence in Seoul or Anyang City during the stay in Korea

iii) A Per diem allowance: 

- for a professor or a director general position or above: 84,000 KRW (approx. USD 77 per day)

- for an associate professor or a director position or below: 67,000 KRW (approx. USD 61 per day)

* There is no additional financial support from the IDB or KRIHS for the selected researchers to complete the final version of the papers.

6. Proposal Submission

The proposal and supporting ation should be sent no later than Friday, May 29, 2015 to the following email addresses simultaneously: Andres G. Blanco B. (ABLANCO@IADB.ORG) and Soyoung Cristina Lee (SOYOUNGL@IADB.ORG), with the following subject line: CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Visiting Scholarship Program. 

* Please refer to the attached s for details.