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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

An Seung Man /
Environment & Resources Research Division

Tel : 044-960-0307 / Fax : 044-211-4767
Research Areas


Ph.D 2002.02 Sungkyunkwan University, Korea; Landscape Architecture


2015.8- Associate Research Fellow, KRIHS
2011.09- 2014.09 Research Professor, Konkuk University
2007.08- 2011.08 Assistant Director, Institute of Private Company
2007.08-2009.05 Assistance Director, R&D Team at Institute of ASIA Aero Survey Co., LTD. 2006.06-2007.06 Post-Doc., Department of Climatology at the Institute of Ecology, Berlin University of Technology, Germany
2002.04-2006.05 Senior Researcher, Institute of Private Company

Major Articles / books / Reports

- Korea Forest Service, 2017. 2017 Mountainous District Survey
- KRIHS. 2016. A Study on the Urban Area Microclimate Management Direction

- Kim Younha, Seung Man An, Jeong-Hee Eum,* and Jung-Hun Woo, 2016.04.13., Analysis of Thermal Environment over a Small-Scale Landscape in a Densely Built-Up Asian Megacity, Sustainability
- Yi, C-Y, K-R. Kim, Y-J. Choi, D. Scherer U, Fehrenbach, S. M. An (2016) Estimating spatial patterns of air temperature at building-resolving spatial resolution in Seoul, Korea, Int. J. Climatol.34: 533-549. (DOI: 10.1002/joc.4363) (IF:3.398)
- An, S. M., Kim, B. S., Lee, H. Y., Kim, C. H., Yi, C. Y., Eum, J. H., & Woo, J. H. (2014). Three‐dimensional point cloud based sky view factor analysis in complex urban settings.
International Journal of Climatology 34: 2685-2701. (IF:3.398)
- Woo J.-H, S. M. An*, K. Hong, J.-J. Kim, S. B. Lim, H.S. Kim, J.-H, Eum, Integration of CFD-based Virtual Sensors to a Ubiquitous Sensor Network to Support Micro-scale Air Quality Management. International Journal of Environmental Informatics (IF:3.773)
- An, S. M., H-Y. Lee, B-S. Kim, C-Y Yi, J-H Eum, and J-H Woo, (2014) Geospatial Spreadsheets with Microscale Air Quality Visualization and Synchronization for Supporting Multiple-Scenario Visual Collaboration, International Journal of Geographical Information Science 28(12): 2511~2532 (DOI:10.1080/13658816.2014.938077) (IF:1.613)
- An, S. M., H-Y. Lee, C-Y Yi, and J-H Woo, Point cloud based land cover identification spatial sampling framework using Monte Carlo Integration, Transactions in GIS (In submit, 2014-Aug-TGIS-ORA-1102) (IF:1.0)