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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Lee Hyun Ju /
Korean Peninsula & East Asia Research Center

Tel : 044-960-0240 / Fax : 044-211-4763
Research Areas
Chinese regional development policy, Studies for NEA


• 2011 Renmin University of China, Ph.D (Economics)
• 2001 Graduate School of International, and Area Studies(GSIAS), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, M.A. (Area Studies majored in Chinese Economics)


• 2014~Present Associate Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements(KRIHS)
• 2011~2014 Invited Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute(KEEI)
• 2004~2007 Researcher, Korea Rural Economics Institute(KREI)

Major Articles / books / Reports

Major Reports

• Border Area Development Cooperation for Strengthening Connectivity of Korea Peninsula and Northern Area: Focusing on Hunchun area, KIEP·KRIHS, 2017
• A Study on Promote Strategy of Cross-border Development Cooperation under the conditions of One Belt One Road Strategy. KIEP·KRIHS, 2016
• A Study on Cross-border Industrial Belt in the Korean Peninsula and the Northern Area, KRIHS, 2016
• A Study on Korea-China Infrastructure Cooperation Measures for Realization of the Eurasia Initiative, KRIHS, 2016
• A Study on the Development and Support System of China’s Overseas Industrial Zone, KRIHS, 2015
• Current Situation of Chinese Overseas Oil&Gas Development and Cooperative Strategy between Korea and China, joint work, KIEP, 2013
• Korea-China Energy Cooperative Plan for the Chinese Corresponding Policies in Energy Security and Climate Changes, joint work, KEEI, 2013
• Korea-China Cooperative Strategies in the oil & gas demand and supply security and import diversification, joint work, KEEI, 2012
• Korea-China Electricity market cooperation and Entering plan into Chinse electricity market, joint work, KIEP, 2012

Articles and books

• Analyzing the Context and Conditions for Cooperation in the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor, The Northeast Asia Economic Study vol.29(2), 2017
• Analysis on Korea’s Intermediate Goods Export Competitiveness to China, The Korea-China Social Science Study vol.15(3), 2017
• Analysis on the Structural Changes of Recent Chinese Overseas Resources Development, Chinese Studies vol.60, 2014
• An Analysis of Determinants of Chinese Electricity Demand Using Panel GLS, The Journal of North East Asian Economic Studies, vol.25(3), 2013
• Analysis of Energy Efficiency in the manufacturing sector in China, The Journal of Chinese Studies, vol.58, 2011
• Studies for the trade structural changes of intermediate goods of Korea and Japan toward China, Chinese Studies vol.51, 2011