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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Moon Jeongho /
Vice President

Tel : 044-960-0110 / Fax : 044-211-4762
Research Areas


1990. 1 - 1994. 5 School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California, CA, USA (Ph.D. in Planning)
1884. 3 - 1986. 2 Department of Environmental Planning,Graduate School of Environmental Studies,Seoul National University, Korea (Master of City Planning)
1980. 3 - 1984. 2 Department of Industrial Engineering,Seoul National University, Korea (Bachelor in Engineering)


2003. 7 – Present Senior Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Korea
2013. 12 - 2015. 7 Director, Global Development Partnership Center, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Korea
2009. 1 - 2010. 9 Chief, Policy Research Team, Presidential Committee on Regional Development, Korea
1995. 3 - 2003. 7 Research Fellow, Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea
1994. 7 - 1995. 3 Visiting Research Fellow, Seoul Development Institute, Korea

Major Articles / books / Reports

• Planning Against the Leviathan: State Planning and the Prospects for Social Movements in South Korea, Focusing on Environmental Movement)," Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, 1994. 6.
• Conception, Normative Directives and Policy Tasks towards Inclusive National Territory, KRIHS, 2016.
• Health Impact of TOD (Transit- Oriented Development) in LA and Seoul: Focusing on Positing Analytical Framework, National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015.
• A Survey on Multilateral Development Banks' Projects to Promote Overseas Construction Industry of Korea, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, 2014.
• Project Management and Pre-feasibility Study on Project of Greater Lumbini Area Development Plan, KOICA, 2014.
• Normative Directives and Research Agenda of the Korean Territorial Planning System, KRIHS, 2013.
• National Territorial Vision and Strategy for Green Growth towards 2030—Rwanda, Global Green Growth Institute, 2013.
• KSP on Saudi Arabia Focusing on Regional Development Policy, KDI, 2013.
• Strategies for Globalization of Green Growth Strategies focusing on National Territorial and Urban Development Field, MOLIT, 2011.
• Legal Disputes on Planning and Development Projects in Korea and Counter Measures, KRIHS, 2008.
• A Study on Participatory Planning Paradigm in Korea, KRIHS, 2006.