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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Jeong Youn Hee /
Global Development Partnership Center

Tel : 044-960-0217 / Fax : 044-211-4765
Research Areas
Sustainable and Inclusive City, Compact City, Public Space, Brownfield Regeneration Policy, International Development


• University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. Candidate (Urban and Regional Planning)
• Yonsei University, M.S. (Urban Planning)
• Yonsei University, B.A. (Urban Planning and Engineering)


• 2020.02~Present, Associate Research Fellow at Global Development Partnership Center, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)
• 2017~Present, Recognized Reviewer for the Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society, Elsevier
• 2011, Expert Advisor of the National Urban Planning Committee, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea
• 2008.07~2020.01, Associate Research Fellow at Urban Research Division, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)
• 2001.11~2008.07, Senior Researcer at Urban and Regional Policy Center, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Major Articles / books / Reports

• Sharing Innovative Experience of Korea: Sustainable design of urban public space in LAC Countries. 2020. IDB
• Sustainable Approach to Urban Regeneration New Deal based on the Policy Evaluation. 2020. KRIHS
• Assessment of community-level social vulnerability to climate change. 2012. KKRIHS
• Urban Regeneration Policy for the Socio-economically Disadvantaged. 2010. KRIHS
• Review on the National Urban Policies and Planning of the Korea. 2010. KRIHS (in English)
• A Strategy for Promoting Community Business for Urban Regeneration. 2009. KRIHS
• Planning for a “Livable City” in Partnership with Citizens: Principles and Strategies. 2008. KRIHS

• Young A Lee and Youn Hee Jeong, “Characteristics of Poor People’s Life by Deprived Area Types,” Journal of Urban Geography in Korea 15.1(2012), 61-73
• Euijune Kim & Youn Hee Jeong, “Decomposition of Regional Income Inequality in Korea,” The Review of Regional Studies 33.3(2003)

• Jeong, Youn Hee, Anne Roubal, and Alfonso Morales. 2015. Farmers Market Impact Indicators: Economic, Human, Social, and Ecological. University of Wisconsin – Madison, URPL Working paper, 2015-001
• Youn Hee Jeong, Ryan Gladych, and Alfonso Morales. Planning Advisory memo in support of Denver Housing Authority. Farming Under Power Lines. January 2016. University of Wisconsin, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
• S.H. Park, Youn hee Jeong and S.Y. Jeong, “Strategies for Urban Management in the Multi-cultural periods,” Policy Briefs vol. 309(2011). KRIHS
• Youn Hee Jeong, “Resident-initiated program for Urban Revitalization: NRP in Minneapolis,” Policy Briefs Vol.260 (2010). KRIHS
• Youn Hee Jeong, “Socially Integrated Policy of Berlin for Multi-cultural Society,” Planning and Policy Vol.342(2010). KRIHS
• Youn Hee Jeong, “Planning a Livable City in Partnership with Citizens: Cases and Policy Implications,” Planning and policy Vol.321 (2008)