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The organization of KRIHS is composed of the Board of Directors, Research Advisory Council, President, Vice-President, Architecture & Urban Research Institute, five divisions, and eighteen centers.

Hwang GwanSeok /
Real Estate Market Research Center

Tel : 044-960-0367 / Fax : 044-211-4767
Research Areas
Real Estate Market Analysis


2017 Ph.D, Hanyang University(Economics)


2009~present Associate Research Fellow, Housing & Land Research Division

Major Articles / books / Reports

※ Major Reports
* Real Estate Market Trends and Issues for 2035, KRIHS, 2018
* Early Warning System on Real Estate Market in Korea, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, 2016
* An Analysis on Rental Housing Market and Policy Implications, Housing Finance Foundation, 2016
* What Is To Be Done for the Mid-20s to 30s in an Era of Low Growth? : Dilemmas of Housing Market, KRIHS, 2015
* A Study on the Real Estate Indirect Investment Market Activation Plan and Economic Effect, KRIHS, 2015

※ Articles and books
* An analysis of the effects of rising jeonse price on household consumption of the tenants, Journal of the Korea Real Estate Analysts Association, vol.24, no.3, 2018
* An Analysis on the Determinants of Conversion Rate to the Monthly Rent of Jeonse Price : A Structural VAR Approach, The Korean Spatial Planning Review, vol.96, 2018
* An Analysis on Economic Effects of Increase in Housing Transactions, The Korean Spatial Planning Review, vol.88, 2016
* An analysis of the changes of household income and homeownership focused on young adults’ cohort effects after global financial crisis in 2008, Korea Real Estate Review, vol.26, no.2, 2016
* An Analysis on the Economic Impact of the Korean Real Estate Indirect Investment Activation, Korea Real Estate Review, vol.26, no.3, 2016.9
* An Analysis of DTI Regulation Effects in Seoul Metropolitan Area using Difference in Difference Method, Housing Studies Review, vol.23, no.4, 2015.11