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TITLE Global Korea Convention 2020
DATE 2020-12-11 HIT 3484

Global Korea Convention 2020​

》​ Introduction

The Global Korea Convention 2020, jointly hosted by the National Research Council
for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the Korea Land and Housing
Corporation, was held from December 9th to 11th at The-K Hotel in Seoul. On the final
day of the event, Dr. Sang Keon Lee, the Director of GDPC, attended the event as a speaker
and presented on the subject of the “Eco Smart City,” which is an implementation of the
Green New Deal and Digital New Deal in the urban space and a plan for the overseas
expansion of smart cities.

The Global Korea Convention shares the achievements and best practices of Korea’s
international cooperation, seeking roles and tasks that will help Korea to become a
world-leading country in the post-COVID era. It is a platform for sharing and cooperating
as “Team Korea”, with state and all public institutions jointly responding to change
through solidarity and cooperation. This year, the event was held mainly on-line through
conferences, presentations of best practices, exhibitions and promotions, consulting,
and cultural events.