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TITLE KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy(KIUDA)-Small Private Online Course(SPOC)
DATE 2021-05-25 HIT 3502

KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy(KIUDA)-Small Private Online Course(SPOC)​

》​ Introduction

On May 25, 2021, the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) and Inter-American
Development Bank (IDB) held the final session of a four-week-long small private online
course (SPOC) of the KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy (KIUDA). For two weeks after
the end of the courses, the participants created action plans for cooperation projects in the
land and urban fields of their own countries and institutions. The participants presented their
action plans in the final session and afterwards, sought ways to cooperate with KRIHS and

During the welcome speech, President Hyun Soo Kang of KRIHS highlighted that an online
program was another means of continuing the collaborative relationship with IDB and the
Latin America and the Caribbean (LACs) during the global pandemic.
As the online platform allowed over double the number of participants this year compared
with the previous years, more diverse types of collaborations are expected. Moreover, KRIHS
will provide project incubation support to develop proposed action plans into a shaped
application for consulting programs run by Korean governmental agencies