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TITLE 2015 Capacity Building Program for Myanmar Government Officers
DATE 2015-06-16 HIT 51144

》​ Introduction

General Course Information

1.Course title: 2014 Capacity Building Program for Myanmar Government Officers

2.Duration: April 6 - April 9, 2015

3.Venue: KRIHS and related institutions

4.Number of Participants and Countries: 5 persons of government officials from Myanmar

5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective

1.To participate interim report session and share ideas for the better output of the project

2.To enhance policy development/implementation capabilities of the government practitioners from Myanmar by sharing the development experience of Korea



2.Field trips

3.Social and cultural experience of Korea


Opening Ceremony and Orientation

1.Welcoming remarks

2.Introduction of KRIHS, GDPC, and the training program

3.Introduction of participants


4.Lecture 1: History and regulation of industrial parks in Korea 

5.Lecture 2: Status of industrial parks and future directions in Korea

6.Lecture 3: Korean economic development strategy and national territory development strategy 

7.Lecture 4: Regional development theory and policy 

Field Trips

1.Guro Digital Complex

2.Banwol and Sihwa Industrial Complex

3.Gilsangsa Temple, Insa-dong, and Samcheong-dong