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TITLE 2014 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) III: Policy Consultations
DATE 2015-06-03 HIT 67329

2014 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) III: Policy Consultations 

1. Purpose and Background

ㆍBased on Korea’s own development experience, Knowledge Sharing Program provides consultation for growth and development in developing countries and seeks overseas business opportunities for Korean businesses.

2. Project Deion

ㆍThis project provided fitting solutions for each partner country considering policy priority and feasibility, while seeking project opportunities in overseas markets for Korean construction businesses 

ㆍPrograms and contents organized in this KSP consultation project include:

- Policy Consultation on the Development of Hong River Banks provided recommendations on (1) development plans for Hong River banks and (2) framework revision to implement a pilot project to achieve balanced urban-rural development in Vietnam. Policy Consultation on Operating Nuclear Power Plant in Vietnam: Focusing on the Framework Revision and Plant Neighborhood Development made a comparison of Vietnam’s framework for nuclear power plant operation to Korea’s; provided suggestions to revise it; and shared Korea’s experience in nuclear power plant operation from specific cases to qualifications of practitioners. 

- Policy Consultation for Green Urban Infrastructure Development in Sri Lanka: Focusing on Solid Waste Management offered technical and policy recommendations for Sri Lanka to improve its solid waste management system at the national level; shared Korea’s knowledge and experience in the related field; and sought to promote collaboration through a preliminary evaluation on the pilot project proposed in this program. 

- Policy Consultation on the Development of Sustainable New Town in Kuwait was organized to support Kuwait that relatively lacked experience in urban development to design a development model for sustainable cities (such as “green city” and “smart city”) by sharing Korea’s urban development experience.  

- Consultation on the Development of Industrial Complex in Myanmar provided strategic policy measures for Myanmar to develop industrial complex in the nation and designed a collaborative project for industrial complex development between Korea and Myanmar. 

- Performance-oriented Mid-to Long-Term Models were created through this KSP project developing policy consultation into actual project collaboration with Korean businesses.

3. Project Management

ㆍUnder the goals of supporting infrastructure development and construction in partner countries and seeking business opportunities for Korean companies, each program was managed to achieve the ives established in consideration of the characteristics of partner countries. 

ㆍQuality control and assurance plan and quality assessment developed from the plan enhanced the quality of the project outcomes. 

4. Impacts and Benefits

ㆍKRIHS expertise in infrastructure and construction provided fitting software and human-ware solutions to partner countries with possibilities for further collaboration.

ㆍSustainable and collaborative relationships established through this project will contribute to the growth and development of partner countries and improve the image of Korea.

5. Project Evaluation

ㆍCountry-based approach can help prioritize and identify more specific demands in partner countries. 

ㆍMore time should be spent on consulting with related agencies and developing construction projects in demand. 

ㆍConstruction projects shall be chosen under the consideration of various factors from the effectiveness of policy consultation and partner countries’ ownership to the feasibility of the projects and national interests.