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TITLE Break-out Session of the Korea Green Innovation Days
DATE 2021-04-23 HIT 2044

General Information

Event: Break-out Session of the Korea Green
Innovation Days

Date: April 23, 2021

Venue: : KRIHS, Sejong, Korea (Online)


On April 23, 2021, KRIHS held a break-out session as part of the Korea Green Innovation
Days (KGID) event. KGID is organized and sponsored by the Korea Green Growth Trust
Fund for the purposes of sharing tangible examples of and holistic, innovative approaches
to sustainable development. The break-out session, a part of the KGID event, provides
partner institutions of the World Bank the opportunity to expand their network and to
cooperate with different departments at the World Bank. This year, the Urban, Disaster
Risk Management, Resilience, and Land Global Practice sector and the open learning
campus of the World Bank joined the break-out session of KRIHS. During the session, Dr.
Sang Keon Lee, the director of the GDPC at KRIHS, made a presentation on the eco-smart
cities initiatives of Korea, and the experts from the World Bank, Narae Choi, Joanna Masic,
and Augustin Maria, introduced the World Bank’s programs on smart cities and climate
change. During the subsequent discussion, the participants shared ideas on the detailed
items for further collaboration. This session is a milestone of the concrete and fruitful
cooperation between the World Bank and KRIHS, and both institutions have agreed on
the follow-up work for the next step.