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TITLE 2014 KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy (KIUDA)
DATE 2015-06-16 HIT 42110

》​ Introduction

General Course Information

1.Course title: 2014 KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy (KIUDA)

2.Duration: December 9 – December. 12, 2014

3.Venue: KRIHS and related Institute

4.Number of Participants and Countries: 17 Officials from 9 Countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay), 2 Consultants from IDB

5.Training Institute: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)

Course Objective

1.To Share Korean Territorial and Urban Development Policy in Korea, and its Implicate to Latin America Countries (LAC)

2.To Materialize Three-Year-Capacity Building Program and Plan the 2015 Program of KIUDA


1.Lectures and Practices

2.Field Trip, Social & Cultural Experience of Korea

》​ Contents

Opening Ceremony & Orientation

1.Welcoming Remarks

2.Introduction of KRIHS, GDPC and Training Program

3.Introduction of Participants and their countries


1.Lecture 1: Overview of Korea, Korean history and Culture

2.Lecture 2: Comprehensive National Territorial Plan (CNTP) in Korea

3.Lecture 3: New Town Development and Affordable Housing in Korea

4.Lecture 4: Urban Transport and Roads Network in Korea

5.Lecture 5: GIS Policy and Implementation in Korea

6.Lecture 6: Water Resource Management System in Korea

7.Lecture 7: Disaster Prevention and Management in Korea

Field Trip

The Land and Housing (LH) Corporation, Gangnam Resource Recycling Facility, Seoul Museum of History, Insadong, Delight shop of Samsung, Korea Expressway Corporation


2015 KIUDA Program